Disseminate collective intelligence

Welcome to the overthemoon galaxy, a constellation of stakeholders linked by their commitment to sustaining and expanding collective intelligence.

Professional circles

The circles for senior executives in communications, digital affairs and human resources are monthly meetings outside the usual framework, attended by managers who share their projects and questions with their peers.
These circles, which are chaired by the overthemoon team, are a time for asking pertinent questions about the ways of thinking and acting, and collectively building the answers to the far-reaching changes under way in each profession.

Entrepreneurs d’avenir

Entrepreneurs d’avenir is a community of senior executives who unite and commit to working towards a reinvented economy that is beneficial for humanity, the planet and society.
Every three years, Entrepreneurs d’avenir organises Parliaments, which are an opportunity for the driving forces behind these new models of society to meet and talk.
We help the organisation co-construct the content of the debates and we play a part in leading them.

Our Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisers regularly challenge us and sometimes even shake things up, but always make a useful contribution.
These overthemoon Senior Advisers are six high-level directors who, like us, are keen to see advances in collective intelligence
We meet four times a year to discuss current developments at overthemoon and its main strategic orientations.
Their outside view, advice and experience are of great value to us.

Ma classe décolle

Since 2018, overthemoon has been deploying a project called “Ma classe décolle” to help the educational community undertake training in more collaborative learning methods.

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