We turn your strategies into collective object of desire

To guarantee the success of your strategies, we add a touch of magic – a precious blend of your strategic projects together with committed stakeholder mobilisation to achieve your goals.

overthemoon provides you with tried-and-tested methods and solutions that are constantly adapted to your specific issues and areas of business

A focus on creating client value

Taking your decisions by systematically assessing their impact for your clients by:

  • Prioritising efforts to eradicate pain points for your clients.
  • Developing interaction between the players in your ecosystem (market, clients, company, suppliers).
Our renowned transformation expertise
  • Defining a sustainable operational transformation strategy. 
  • Supporting the team on the ground on a daily basis until the desired outcome has been achieved. 
  • Applying small iterations to adapt the transformation mechanism to the situation on the ground.
Our expertise in collaborative leadership and collective intelligence

Improving your team’s collective performance by accepting them “as they are”. 
Measuring the value of management action via:

  • The team’s business performance.
  • Commitment within the organisation – the eagerness of the different team members.

Increasing the autonomy of the participants to take decisions at grass-roots level. 

Successful transformation from grass-root level

  • Make things meaningful: a template for building motivation and purpose.
  • Role commitment: A stakeholder commitment protocol / a Stakeholder scope of intervention reference method.
  • Punctuate the collective effort: Collective events designed to attract divide the adventure into episodes.
  • Encourage productive debate: a method for confronting viewpoints of those who develop an idea and those who have to put it into practice.
  • Measure and appreciate: an assessment model based on progress indicators that value specific actions and successes.

Focus on creating value for the client

  • Move from an organisational- and process-driven management approach to a value-chain system.
  • Instigate a more collaborative, iterative and adaptive way of working with your clients, partners and teams.
  • Align your strategic intent with your value pockets.
  • Move from a “release” digital delivery mode to a “market need” delivery mode.

Build a highly effective team​

  • The intelligence of an organisation depends on the stakeholders involved following five shared behavioural disciplines.
  • An organisation develops these disciplines over time by regular, explicit and formal collective questioning of the link between its collective behaviour and performance.
  • Managers can encourage productive debate within the organisation by allowing confrontation between current practice and “productive theories”.

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