Nothing stops teams who know how to collaborate

overthemoon stimulates your organisation’s collective intelligence. We’re by your side, on the ground, in the heart of your value chain. With our methods and tools, we boost each team’s commitment to serving customer value creation...
The result ? Meaning and a striving for excellence and performance!

Collective performance, did you say ?

Collective performance is the ability of a group of people to know how to work together towards a common goal, by adjusting in real time to changes in its environment and in its clients… A core competency that can’t be improvised.

Why ?

Because a high level of collaboration goes hand-in-hand with a high level of sustainable performance.

Who will benefit ?

Teams who are ready to try an innovative and stimulating approach that helps them cope with a complex, shifting environment.

When ?

To support digital transformation, build innovation into the organisation, reduce time to market... and much, much more!

Our customers

Disseminating collective intelligence

Many people will tell you that collective intelligence is not just our job, it’s a burning interest. And we’re committed to telling everyone about its benefits, not only in the professional sphere but also in education!

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Le 30 juin dernier, le Cercle Dircom s’est à nouveau confronté à la double question de la place de la RSE dans l’organisation et du rôle RSE des Dircoms. Question complexe, tant RSE et Communication ont partie liée sans pour autant se confondre.