Transform services

Whether by necessity or choice, your organisation has decided to change things and aim for more… more performance, more quality, more new products or even more enthusiasm. You’d like to change the benchmark model and embark on a transformation process. To achieve your transformation, we collectively lead your efforts and your energy on the road to this transformation in order to achieve your objectives.

Your need :

As you know, companies that don’t anticipate changes in their environment and don’t respond swiftly to changes in the market have an increasingly short life expectancy. Do you sense that the teams in your organisation, though expert and operational, are not always investing their energy where it would be most useful for creating value for your customers?
What should you do?
How do you make a paradigm shift and sustainably instill the cultures of agility, value creation and innovation in your teams? To achieve this, we refocus your value chains on continually exploring changes in your markets and we develop your operational capacity to adapt to these changes more swiftly than your competitors.

Our solution: Collaborative Enterprise Architecture (CEA)
CEA is a method for achieving organisations’ operational transformation, based on a strong belief that collaboration is the driving force behind all change dynamics. Successfully carrying out a transformation process will therefore also involve transforming the way the enterprise operates collectively.

Collaborative Enterprise Architecture (CEA) is built on two fundamentals:

The adventure structure, because it brings shared, collective meaning and a clear, motivating distribution of roles.
The ground, because the values that cement corporate culture are built during action on the ground.
And five pillars:

Meaning, because instilling meaning is motivating and gives each person an opportunity to find their role in contributing to success.
A learning pace, since action is structured into short iterations, interspersed with collective retrospectives.
Stakeholders’ involvement in the action, where each person is aware of their role and their contribution to the transformation.
A fruitful controversy that yields results and facilitates implementation of the transformation; secures and accelerates dissemination of the transformation.
The culture of the collective, which ensures that the stakeholders receive the signs of recognition stemming from their achievements.
CEA, or Collaborative Enterprise Architecture, is a method for the design and operational transformation of enterprises, and which combines two skills:[1]system engineering and human engineering.
The result is an emulated collective that draws up and supports the transformation strategy, accelerates its implementation and sustains the achievement of its objectives.