Collective intelligence is the new teamwork

In today’s ever-changing world, building a brighter future means working and learning in harmony.

Let’s change together.

Our manifesto

The new industrial revolution isn’t just transforming how we do business – it’s also profoundly changing how we interact with each other.

With that in mind, we’re making the choice to look at today’s world differently. We seek to transform traditional organizations into spaces where we can grow together.

Be different. Grow together.

The shift towards effectively mobilizing collective intelligence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and daily fine-tuning, on the ground, with feedback from a 360° perspective.

That’s why we work for (and with) teams to create a tailor-made approach to collaborative working. Our strategic approach is directed by what makes your organization unique, from its corporate structure to its leading talents.

La discipline collaborative notre leitmotiv

When ambition becomes action

The right team spirit is an unstoppable force. We help you defy traditional limitations and obstacles, focusing on how collective intelligence can help boost your performance.

Creating meaning

Making sure everyone’s on board with where you’re headed – and why.

Directing action

Putting your team at the heart of your objectives, for a success story that’s truly collective.

Nurturing talent

Encouraging people to share skills and perspectives. Because collective goals require collective knowledge.

overthemoon is a network

We’re a community made up of experts, enthusiasts and pioneers with a wide variety of perspectives and skills. Facilitators, mentors, consultants – we’re familiar with all aspects of business and entrepreneurship. Now, we’re focused on your success.

As a collective, we draw our strength from our diverse backgrounds and experiences.

So, why overthemoon?

An explorer once said that when it comes to shooting for the moon, there are small steps and giant leaps.

We’ll help you make sure you – and your crew – are prepared for the voyage. It’s time to leave Earth behind.

Success stories

Our clients chose overthemoon to help them – and their teams – tackle some of their most difficult challenges.

Leaders and often innovators in their field, they’re committed to developing their teams’ collective intelligence, paving the way for a new approach to working.