Our manifesto

Because our children need to know that we live in the same world as they do.
Because young adults must be able to draw on our experience, but at the same time also satisfy their entrepreneurial needs.
Because companies and their employees are in the grip of far-reaching change and undergoing an extraordinary mutation.
Because the third industrial revolution is also a deep-seated transformation of society…
We have chosen to look at the world differently.
We have drawn inspiration from the achievements of the great 21st century organisations to develop collaborative working and enable everyone to better understand the uncertainties of the world.
We have entered the age of adaptation: the young generations that we have been observing for nearly 10 years now (X, Y, Z, etc.) are teaching us to look at things differently.
They are shaking up our predictive and synchronic habits.
They are turning away from planning to embrace innovation and collaboration instead.
We have turned it into a current of thought and another way of approaching the socio-economic world in which we now live.
We want to create a space for sharing and testing these new collaborative ways of working.
Create a movement centred on the values of agility, sharing and co-construction.
After the failure of the 20th century’s collectivist movements, a new, collaborative era is beginning and has to be invented.
The more machines intrude into humans’ circle, the more direct contact and face-to-face interaction between people will be essential.
These fundamental principles and new ways of operating are barely touched on in schools and universities at the moment.
Accordingly, we propose to develop a project to invent a new era of working in a company.
To develop a mindset that helps retain tomorrow’s budding talents within organisations.
“I apply these methods, I’ve on-boarded this mindset and I’m targeting the companies that espouse it”.
Make the organisation a space that looks at the world from a different angle and that enables us to better understand the relationship with others and strive for co-development.
Build our skills in collaborative working, our soft skills and our ability to work together.
Introduce transversality, have a team mentality, invent other ways of working that are more fun and motivating.
The watchwords are: joy, my life, enthusiasm, learning, creativity, play, observation, collaborative working, kindness, inclusion and performance.
Draw on the nuts and bolts of companies’ projects to make collaborative working a fact of life in the corporate world.
Stimulate stakeholders’ collective intelligence and deliver a project.
We no longer talk about organisational structure, but about groups that emulate each other, that think and forge their learning together, about a learning company.
A new way of doing things, as in the New World.
Let’s become those who have the drive and the commitment of the “builders” who constructed last century’s old world.
We’ll be the founding fathers of a new way of sharing and passing on knowledge and skills.
Choose to change the way you think about yourself in order to succeed.