“Mobilise” services

Boost your to more effectively align collective action towards a common objective.

Your need :

You regularly organise events (conventions, seminars, retrospectives, workshops, etc.) that are popular because they create momentum in the organisation, a “wow” effect, but which unfortunately lack follow through: the intention is good, but there is no lasting benefit.
If you want to organise events that mark a turning point and usher in real change, there has to be a “before” and an “after”.

Our solutions :
overthemoon turns your major events into “drawcards” by positioning them as a collective process in themselves.

Our teams help you facilitate an in-house co-construction of the gathering, in which everyone becomes an event stakeholder and a success contributor.
The event can then become an opportunity to:
Build a future together by inviting everyone to revisit or define their contribution;
Get stakeholders from one or more functions, processes or business to work together and foster creativity, design and optimisation;
Share feedback and create an opportunity for collective learning that feeds into a reference base of common practices;
Align the stakeholders and involve them in a common goal and a quest for meaningful results.
Whether they are part of a broader transformation process or mark a particular highlight for the organisation, your events are both anchor points and boosters that help get everyone actively involved.