Innovation services

Learn how to harness your collective intelligence to boost value creation.

Your need :

As you know, companies that don’t anticipate changes in their environment and don’t respond swiftly to changes in the market have an increasingly short life expectancy. Do you sense that the teams in your organisation, though expert and operational, are not always investing their energy where it would be most useful for creating value for your customers?
What should you do?
How do you make a paradigm shift and sustainably instill the cultures of agility, value creation and innovation in your teams? To achieve this, we refocus your value chains on continually exploring changes in your markets and we develop your operational capacity to adapt to these changes more swiftly than your competitors.

Our solution: the Value Way

Our 20 years’ experience in collective intelligence have taught us that successful companies have one thing in common: they work with a customer-oriented value chain.
This is what the Value Way is all about.

With the Value Way approach, overthemoon helps you embed in your organisation a more collaborative, more agile way of operating, focused on what generates value for your customers.

The Value Way is :

  • Collaborative teamwork organised as a value chain;
  • An iterative approach to the development and management of your product or service portfolio.

The result is a company that delivers on its commitments, is more innovative and sustainably agile, and for which change is synonymous with construction and value… for the organisation, its stakeholders and the end-customer.