The overthemoon community

Welcome to the bright side of overthemoon. Through various platforms and initiatives, our wider community thinks, speaks and acts for change across industries.

Les cercles dirigeants

Every trimester, management leaders are invited to share their experiences, doubts, and challenges with their peers.

An open space that allows for discussion and debate. Participants are encouraged to question themselves and others about how they think and how they work.

Ma classe décolle

The way we work can teach us about more than just business. We think that the foundations of teamwork can – and should – be taught from an early age.

Ma classe décolle program draws on the most engaging aspects of co-creation methodologies to encourage group learning in the classroom.

Our partners

From innovation to long-term goals, our network of valued partners continue to work alongside us to brainstorm new ideas and create lasting change.

For them, co-creation means more than simply changing the way they work.

Got an idea? A project? A goal?

We can help.