Évaluer : avec vos équipes. Objectif : aligner leur vision pour mieux passer à l’action

Assessment services

Knowing where you stand is the first step towards deciding on the best path to your goal.

Your need :

Do you feel that your company or team could do better, but don’t know exactly how to make it happen ?
Is your organisation’s backbone digital project getting bogged down and you’d like to know why ?
Do you feel as if you’re”reacting” to the market instead of anticipating trends? Would like to know what path to take to change your stance?
To answer these questions, the diagnosis phase helps you align your team on where you’re at and identify the steps to take.

Our solutions :
overthemoon has designed diagnostics tools.
What’s so special about them?
Each tool involves all of the team members concerned in the assessment phase.
The final diagnosis stems from a productive conversation, so everyone is on-board with it and everyone gets down to work.

Collaborative management
With the help of the collaborative card game created by the agency, we work within your team to help raise awareness of how it works as a team.
Is the team familiar with the company’s vision? Does it share this vision?
Can it identify and disseminate its best practices?
Celebrate its achievements?
Is there debate or disagreement within the team?
Is it confident in its ability to take action?
By helping your team discover its own resources, we make it easier to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and the collective managerial practices it needs to develop.
It can then draw up a shared action plan and begin implementing it.

Collective intelligence
We’ve designed the CQ Index (Collective Quotient Index) in partnership with Choose my Company to help managers and senior executives gauge the (hidden) power of their organisation’s collective intelligence and use it to serve the company’s performance goals.
The CQ Index is an online questionnaire that is easy to set up and quick for team members to fill in.
It asks each respondent to think about where they stand in relation to seven performance drivers: customer awareness, strategic vision, anticipation, leadership, engagement, learning teams, and atmosphere.
The survey responses are analysed collectively and the findings used to assess the organisation’s ”shortfall”, identify the drivers that will enable it to leverage more potential and map out the areas to work on.
When regularly assessed, the organisation’s CQ Index becomes a key indicator of its aptitude for change, its capacity for innovation and its teams’ performance.

Enterprise agility
An agile expedition is a collective assessment programme designed for senior executives and managers who need to gauge their organisation or team’s ability to be agile at a given time, i.e. to no longer simply react to its environment or outside constraints, but to drive change and create value for their clients.
The diagnosis takes the form of a team conversation that begins by agreeing on the organisation’s need for agility, then determines the expected outcomes of the five agility drivers.
The result enables the team to set its priorities and answer the question: where do we start tomorrow?
An agile expedition is an assessment for those who want to introduce an innovation dynamic in the teams, either to gain speed on their market or to shorten the time-to-market for a specific project.

We firmly believe that the success of a transformation project hinges on collective commitment.
This is what prompted us to create the ”transformation diagnosis” : a grid for analysing your transformation project.
By answering these 14 questions, a project team or steering committee can assess:
What makes the proposed transformation a credible solution to the perceived threats in the eyes of the teams on the ground?
What makes the transformation process motivating for the teams on the ground?
This assessment will tell you whether your project is desirable for the players who have to commit to it, and you’ll identify the possible action drivers to promote its success.